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If We Can’t Make Your Home Odor Free Within 24 Hours, We Pay You $200!
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Our odor removal service permanently removes cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke odors

Cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoke odors in homes, businesses, vehicles, or hotel rooms are not only offensive, but also can also make these indoor spaces unlivable, particularly for individuals with smoke allergies. Smoke odors can hinder the sale of properties or greatly reduce their value. Realtor.com estimates that smoke orders can decrease the value of a home by 30%!

Odors Gone Today Inc. can help you permanently eliminate indoor smoke smells within 24 hours so that you can start enjoying clean indoor air that is free of allergies and odors.

Our tobacco odor elimination process has many advantages over our competitors:

  • Does not require removing carpet or pad
  • Does not require sealing or painting walls
  • We pay you $200.00 if we can’t remove the smoke smell within 24 hours of our start time.

Why are cigarette odors so persistent?

Tobacco-related particles and gases can easily attach to soft and porous surfaces in the home (and elsewhere) such as walls, carpeting, and furniture, and then be re-released back into the air later in a process called off-gassing. These stale, accumulated residues are called “third-hand smoke” and may even increase the risk of serious health issues of occupants breathing the particles or touching contaminated surfaces.

Our cleaning process involves Chlorine Dioxide in a gas or (occasionally) liquid form. Chlorine Dioxide is a potent oxidizer of tobacco by-products, which means that the gas is strongly attracted to smoke-related particles, and then decomposes them to an inactive form.

South and Central Florida Service Area Map

Florida Service Area

St. Lucie County – Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce
Indian River County – Vero Beach
Martin County – Stuart, Jensen
Brevard County – Melbourne
Palm Beach County – West Palm Beach
Orange County – Orlando
Osceola County – Kissimmee
Tampa, South Florida, and more

How We Remove Smoke Odors From Your Florida Home Or Business

Step 1: If there are nicotine stains on the walls, we start by washing your walls, ceilings, cabinets and counter-tops with a liquid Chlorine Dioxide formula. No toxic residues will be left behind.

STEP 2: The second step is the most powerful. In this step we turn Chlorine Dioxide into a gas, allowing it to penetrate every nook and cranny of your property.

STEP 3: We then use our electrostatic sprayer throughout your home. Here are videos showing the benefits of electrostatic spraying over conventional spray techniques and another explaining the process of electrostatic spraying.

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